A writer, content marketer and corporate communicator, Lisa Shankar has had the good fortune to work as a freelancer and contractor for startups, organizations and individual professionals, along with having 15 years of diverse corporate experience at Nordstrom Bank.

Her previous clients include businesses and professionals  in the following segments: online lending, leadership coaching, home staging and design, online children’s personalized books & gifts, non-profit and real estate.

Lisa strongly believes in the power of well-chosen words and effective communication as it relates to content marketing, brand-keeping, customer interaction & engagement, relationship building, and establishing thought leadership. Her services include review of existing website copy, content and marketing collateral, writing & editing, and collaboration on content & communication strategies.

She is currently based in Agoura Hills, CA and has enjoyed living in several beautiful metropolitan areas across the U.S. including Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta.